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Vitamins are essential to life. With the consumption of denatured foods and produce grown on poor soil, the average diet may supply just enough vitamins to avoid overt signs of deficiency, yet fail to supply levels that facilitate optimal health. Additionally, certain health conditions, advancing age, poor absorption, and lifestyle choices can increase the demand for vitamins. Pregnancy also increases the need for a number of nutrients. Most multinutrient supplements contain minerals; however... + read more
Who should you turn to with questions about your medicines? The answer should be your pharmacist but you may not know what your pharmacist can do for you. Your doctor and your pharmacist are a powerful team, working to ensure the best selection and management of your prescription and nonprescription medicines. Taking your medication correctly is one of the best ways to decrease your health care costs. Each year, thousands of people end up in the hospital, fail to get better and waste money... + read more

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